Wyszkow, Poland Yizkor Book

SEFER WYSZKOW, ed. D. Shtokfish, 1964 Tel Aviv.

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Table of Contents:

Table of Contents


Index of Names

Max Tchekhanov - The Town During the Years 1892-1913, pages 22-26
Zionist Beginnings; The Library; Parties, Societies and Institutions; pages 26-29
The Organized Community; The Yeshiva, Synagogues, Study  Places, and Prayer Quorums; pages 30-31
Synagogues (continued); The Last Rabbi's of Vishkov, pages 32-33
Mordkhe V. Bernshteyn - Bloody "Games" of the Polacks in the year 1920, pages 33-38
A Bundle of Memories from Days Past, pages 51-52
Henda the Katzfke, pages 139-140
Itzel (Yitzchak) Radziminsky of Blessed Memory, pages 161-162
The First Air Raid of Vishkov, pages 163-164
In the First Days of Destruction, pages 164-166
In the Years of Misfortune and Anguish, section 6, page 181
The Last Request of a Martyr, page 193
Vishkov Association of New York, pages 221-226

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